How To Flash Nokia X Android RM-980?

Hey, Guys! Before this article, I wrote about the Nokia X Flash Files and promised you that soon I will also write the guide for flashing Nokia X. Well, the time has finally come when I am finally going to fulfill my promise of writing an easy guide on how to flash Nokia X. Yes, Today, with the help of this easy guide, you are going to learn the flashing process of Nokia X. There are two things that you must keep in mind before flashing your Nokia X. First, make sure that you make a backup of all the data present on your phone because the flashing process wipes all the data from your phone. Secondly, try this method at your own risk because there are good chances of bricking or damaging of phone if anything goes wrong. Having said these things, let us now move with the process of How to Flash Nokia X.

How to Flash Nokia X? A Step-by-Step guide.

Here is a step-by-step guide to flash your Nokia X. Note that we are going to do this using Nokia X Flasher so make sure that you have it.

1. For flashing your phone, you will need a stock ROM tool named Navifirm tool.
2. Once you have the tool, open it, enter the product key and then press 'Enter'.
3. Now select the flashing RM file for your Nokia X and download it.
4. Then Power off your phone and wait till it gives you a vibration.
5. Now you will need to press and hold Power button + volume down.
6. Your phone will vibrate again and when it does, release the power off button and keep holding volume down button for another 15 seconds.
7. Now you will need USB cable to connect your phone with the PC.
8. Now download and install Nokia Flasher and open it.
9. In this software, in the system section, give the path where you have ROM files and find system file.
10. Now by repeating the same process in step 9, add all the ROM files.
11. Now click on 'Start Flashing' and wait until it gets done.
12. The phone will reboot after completion of the flashing process and your phone is flashed.

I hope that this guide helped you. You can leave us your feedback in the comments section below. Keep visiting our website for more tech guides and stuff.