How To Install Miracle Box On Windows? Download Miracle Box Setup

Chinese mobile phones are used in a large number all over the world. The problems which most people face while facing these phones are the drivers and operations like flashing etc. However, there are many devices which provide all in one solution for such problems and Miracle Box is one of them. Even though Miracle Box is a simple device, still, people face many problems while connecting it to their computers and also, they face problems during the driver installation for miracle box. Today, in this guide, I am going to give you a reliable miracle box software and also a quick and easy guide to install it on your devices. Let us now move to the quick installation guide for this device.

Note: Make sure that you install the exact version given in the link below.

Step by Step guide to installing Miracle Box on Windows?

Follow each and every step in this guide and you will be done within a matter of seconds.

1. Download the Miracle Box version which is given in the download link given below.
2. Connect your Miracle box by any of the cable options.
3. Extract the downloaded files and run Setup.exe.4. Start installing the software and once it is installed it will automatically open.
5. A window will pop-up which asks you to install an offer, reject it.
6. You will notice that Miracle Box program will open and then close after 1 second.
7. Go to the download files and extract the crack or patch files and copy them over to the folder where you have installed Miracle box software.
8. Now you are good to use this software.

I really hope that this article really helped you. Once again I am mentioning that download and install the exact software files from the link given below. Keep visiting our website for more free drivers and tech guides.

Download it here.